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Friday, November 18, 2016

Belchertown Bulletin November 2016

Belchertown Bulletin November 2016
New quarterly guide to water fluoridation document collections and related topics
            After having worked for eight years at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, obtaining and organizing the papers of the movement against water fluoridation, Michael F. Dolan of Belchertown has founded an additional collection of documents from this and related movements that is designed to more readily serve activists, journalists and students, and to serve as an active, continually growing resource.
            “Our collection in Belchertown is only 10 percent of the size of all the material on fluoridation in the Du Bois Library, but it is continually being integrated and organized so as to be more readily useable,” Dolan said.
            “People visiting the UMass Library may also benefit from a visit to our collection in Belchertown,” he said. Dolan’s collection is called the Belchertown Documentation Center. It is not yet incorporated, nor does it have tax-exempt status. Belchertown is adjacent to Amherst in Hampshire County in western Massachusetts.

            Dolan began compiling the Belchertown collection while processing the massive donation from the Bevis family of Houston that consisted of 25 pallets of material from the late grassroots organizer Martha Bevis. In addition to duplicate copies, the Bevis collection contained several types of documents that a special collections department, such as that at the Du Bois Library, would not retain, including journal offprints, photocopies of journal articles, newspaper clippings from clipping services, magazine and journal issues, government documents and other published materials.
            “Martha Bevis served as a central communication hub for people across the country, and had multiple copies of almost everything, much more material than the Library wanted to retain,” Dolan said.
            The Belchertown collection also contains documents on related topics including research misconduct, medical error,  iatrogenic illness, and intellectual suppression.
            The quarterly Belchertown Bulletin newsletter will consist of news updates on the collections at Amherst and Belchertown, and will contain a continually updated catalog of the Belchertown Documentation Collection. The Center is a private, non-circulating library. Almost all holdings are paper documents.


The Belchertown Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter published by East Coast Science News, P.O. Box 797, Belchertown, MA 01007 USA. Volume 1 No. 1, November 2016. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Michael F. Dolan, editor. The newsletter is distributed by email, and is available for free upon request. Email: mdolan.ecsn@outlook.com

Remembering Worcester’s “Stormy Petrel” of dentistry
Editor’s note: Despite the claims of dentistry, many dentists have opposed water fluoridation. In my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts the leading dental opponent during the 50’s and 60’s was Max Ginns, a dentist at Worcester City Hospital. He organized dentists in Worcester to oppose fluoridation, but suffered the consequences, including expulsion from the Worcester District Dental Society and the Massachusetts Dental Society. In processing the Martha Bevis Collection at the Du Bois Library I found the following Boston Herald story on his case. In the margin of the photocopy Ginns had written a note to Myrtle Sapora of Illinois that is reproduced after the article. The news report came out one day after my birth in Worcester in November 1962. Perhaps the spirit of resistance to fluoridation was in the air, and became incorporated in my cellular structure. We would very much like to obtain a copy of Ginns’ list of 119 Worcester dentists opposed to fluoridation

Worcester’s Dr. Ginns May Battle in Court
Dental Assn. Upholds Ouster of Fluoridation Foe
By Noah Gordon
Herald Science Editor

   WORCESTER—The stormy petrel of American dentistry, Dr. Max Ginns, has lost the latest skirmish in his battle with the Worcester District and Massachusetts Dental Societies.
   The House of Delegates of the American Dental Association has voted to uphold the expulsion of Dr. Ginns from the district and state dental societies.
   Expelled by both professional groups in 1961, Dr. Ginns successfully petitioned the ADA’s Judicial Council – the Group’s “Supreme Court” – to reverse the expulsion last June.
   The reversal of THAT decision by the House of Delegates has been described by one state society spokesman as “final.”
   But according to Dr. Ginns it is not.


   The dentist, long known as one of the country’s most vehement opponents of the fluoridation movement, told the Herald yesterday that it is possible that he will take his case beyond the jurisdiction of the dental society – into the legal courts.
   The expulsion, he said, is “an example of something rotten in our society.”
   It evidenced, he said, “the complete absence within the dental society of one of America’s most precious heritages, the right to dissent.”
   “Raising one’s voice in dissent within the dental society is completely out of the question.”
   In emphatic rebuttal, Dr. Herman Levine of Boston, president of the state society, told the Herald that Dr. Ginns’ expulsion was not a result of his unpopular position on fluoridation within the society, but because the Worcester dentist had made “false claims concerning the state society.”
   Dr. Levine said 416 members of the House of Delegates voted unanimously to uphold the expulsion after they were told that Dr. Ginns had claimed to uphold various chairmanships and committee posts the society says were not his.
   There were six other charges in the original bill of complaints against the Worcester dentist which led to his expulsion from the district and state societies last September.
   Among them were allegations that Dr. Ginns had:
   *Publicly presented that members of the Worcester District Dental Society were forced to accept fluoridation whether they liked it or not,
   *Publicly presented that 119 members of the Worcester district group opposed fluoridation,
   *Continued to publicly support his petition of many years ago, naming many Worcester dentists as opposing fluoridation despite agreeing not to do so.

            Roots of these charges extend back to 1952, when the dentist went from dental office
            to dental office in Worcester to collect the signatures of 119 of 134 active members of
            the district society on a petition strongly condemning fluoridation.

   According to the society, as fluoridation developed many of the men who signed the Ginns Petition changed their mind about fluorides and regretted the signing.
   But, Dr. Ginns said yesterday, he had received letters from only four of the 119 dentists who had signed the petition, asking that their names be removed from the petition.


   Dr. Ginns said this was beyond his power. “I have never circulated the petition, but other people have circulated it all over the world,” he said.
   Has the bitter intra-professional controversy which has swirled around him hurt his professional practice?

            He has “not lost a single patient” because of it, he said. “But it has hurt in different ways.”

   The expulsion, he said, came after “a lifetime of devotion to my profession and to the society.”
   The fight had hurt him in terms of lost time and sleeplessness, he said, “and it has cost me a great deal of money. They held me in a state of suspense for eight years while eight presidents of the Massachusetts Dental Society refused to touch this hot potato. Men have died who were my staunch supporters.”
Boston Herald, November 21, 1962

Note to Myrtle Sapora from Max Ginns, March 12, 1963

Dear Mrs. Sapora,
            You have spoken the truth about expulsion of dentists, who wish to warn people against the evils of the artificial fluoridation “racket”.
            It is ugly to behold the tactics of professional men who know they have committed the “greatest dental blunder of the century”, but refuse to admit, in spite of it all, the scientific evidence against fluoridation.
               In spite of all the hollow endorsements Fluoridation is meeting with rejections all over the country. We hope the truth will prevail.
            Good luck in your effort vs “F”.
                                                                                                Dr. Max Ginns

UMASS Amherst Du Bois Library papers on fluoridation
            The Du Bois Library’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) has twenty-three collections related to water fluoridation. Most of these collections are still in the condition in which they were originally received, and do not have finding aids. Brief descriptions of the collections can be found at the SCUA website: http://scua.library.umass.edu/umarmot/
            The SCUA reading room is open from 10:00-4:00 Monday through Friday. Contact Danielle Kovacs at dkovacs@library.umass.edu to arrange a visit.
            The collections include:
Martha Bevis Papers
Norman Blumenthal Papers
Christopher Bryson and Joel Griffiths Papers
Albert W. Burgstahler Papers
Robert J. Carton Papers
Elaine Marie Chesley Papers
John Remington Graham Papers
Jeffrey L. Green Papers
International Fluoridation Information Network Bulletins
Isabel Jansen Papers
Malcolm G. Kennedy Papers
League of Women Voters of Amherst Records
Hardy Limeback Papers
John Marier Papers
Norman and Mary-Louise Meyer Papers
Robert J.H. Mick Papers
New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation Records
Carol Patton Papers
Ionel Florian Rapaport Papers
Ellie Rudolph Papers
Jean Thielman Papers
George L. Walbott Papers
John Yiamouyiannis Papers

John Marier Papers added to UMASS fluoridation collections

   An extensive collection of correspondence and manuscripts from John Marier, the long time Canadian National Research Council investigator, who published two reports on environmental fluoride with the late Dyson Rose, have been donated to the Department of Special Collections and University Archives at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
   Marier, who died in 1992, enjoyed a remarkable 40-year career at the Canadian NRC, starting as a lab assistant during World War II, and being promoted over the years until he became a researcher – all without obtaining a college degree.
   He became one of the leading authorities on the varied sources of exposure to fluoride in the environment, and argued that all sources of fluoride needed to be taken into account in evaluating the safety of water fluoridation.
   A summary of the Marier Papers can be found at this link:
   The papers were donated by John Marier’s son, Jeff Marier of Ottawa.
(reprinted from The Fluoridation Record, July 1, 2016)

Belchertown Documentation Center catalog
   Each month this newsletter will update our complete catalog with new additions.
The categories in the catalog are: audio tapes, books and chapters, booklets, DVDs, hearings, journal issues, meeting programs, morgue files (people, localities, subjects), newsletters, newspapers, posters, reports and proceedings, scientific articles, transcripts and video tapes.

Audio Tapes
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Video Tapes

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