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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RDR reviews documentary film "A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995"

RDR reviews documentary film "A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995"

Free Mind Films
"A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995"
EDMOND, Okla. – Watching the final cut of the new Free Mind Films documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 with a small gathering of friends, I was struck by the way the filmmakers – Oklahomans all – simply presented the evidence and leaves it up to the audience to decide if they were deceived as to what really happened in downtown Oklahoma City that spring morning, long ago.
Interviewing survivors, first responders, victims, and experts of all sorts, Free Mind Films, led by director James Lane, offers up a sharp, distinctive and hard-hitting documentary that takes the viewer back to April 19, 1995 and proceeds to peel back the layers of the rotten onion that is the “official” story. You know, the story that suggests Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were the only ones involved in plotting and perpetrating the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 people, including 19 children.
We are not suggesting we or the filmmakers believe McVeigh and Nichols are innocent. We are saying that after watching this film it is clear that the government knows a lot more than it is telling We the People. And We the People have a right to know what went down that day. But noble lies are presented to protect the powerful, as we discover.
A Noble Lie is clearly a labor of love. You sense that the filmmakers wanted this story to be told and to remind viewers – and the elites who really planned and executed the bombing – that serious evidence, from eyewitness accounts to the findings of independent researchers, that important information was ignored and excluded.
So, you are probably wondering … did McVeigh and Nichols plan the bombing? Were they mere patsies – pawns in a larger conspiracy? Quite likely on the latter, unlikely on the former. And that’s due to the massive amounts of evidence Lane, Christopher Emery, Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, Devin Winter and others involved in this amazing Free Mind Films production offer up over two hours.

The film features many interviews, archive footage and commentary from those who have serious questions about the bombing. Folks like Jane Graham, whom we interviewed in 2010, who saw suspicious men in the Murrah parking garage and that the FBI was not interested in her testimony. Well, Free Mind Films was interested in what Graham had to say and she tells them everything she saw.
We hear from experts like retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Benton Partin. He discusses the alleged blast crater in front of the carved out federal building and how the damage done to the structure would not take place were a mere ANFO-laden truck bomb detonated in front of it.
And where are all those videotapes that were focused on the very spot where the truck bomb exploded? Missing? Gone? What? The government won't give folks a straight answer, even though it could help everyone get some straight answers about what was going on in front of the building that morning. It's almost as if the government is hiding something.
We learn of courageous Oklahoma City Police Officer Terry Yeakey, a first responder following the bombing, and the strange circumstances leading to his death, a death which was clearly not suicide but murder. And attorney Jesse Trentadue is interviewed, offering a chance for audiences to learn about the circumstances involving the death of his brother Kenneth Trentadue, killed while in custody. Trentadue is convinced the FBI killed Trentadue in a case of mistaken identity following the bombing by a few months.
And what of the John Doe #2? The men seen with McVeigh in Kansas and elsewhere? What about his role in the military. Was he still in the military as McVeigh's family suggests in secretly-taped recordings? What about the anti-hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and their odd connection to the white supremacist community of Elohim City, out in Adair County, Oklahoma? We hear from a member of Elohim City, Josiah Stone, and what he has to say about things he knows. Clearly more was going on there than what we were told, as we see with the curious case of Andreas "Andy the German" Strassmeir, a neo-Nazi with German intelligence connections who actually may have been a government informant, considering he was seen in Fort Worth coming and going out of a government facility and had a key code.
And we hear from Jannie Coverdale, who lost her two grandchildren, Aaron, 5 and Elijah, 2. You sense the ache in her voice as she shares the story of how she took her two grandsons to the Murrah building day care where they would be killed in the bombing. She tells how she moved to Denver to watch the trial there and came away with more questions than answers - and she still has more questions than answers. And that's what A Noble Lie does. It asks the big questions, the questions the local and national media failed to ask the FBI and Justice Department. The media apparently went along with the lie and the government applied pressure to those who did not go along with it.
There is even mention of Dr. Jolyon West, the mind-control guru who had dealings with McVeigh. Was McVeigh a mind-controlled patsy? Why was the notorious Dr. West involved with zombie-like assassins including Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby. That is a subject that warrants further investigation, in our opinion. A lot of doors could be opened that would help further explain what was really going on in Oklahoma City and at the site of other conspiracy-laden atrocities that have taken place on American soil in the past 50 years.
The small group, all from the Oklahoma City area, that I watched A Noble Lie with, appeared visibly startled by the information in this film. And while I have read books on the bombing, like the late David Hoffman’s Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror or viewed obscure, gun-show circuit videos like Cover-Up in Oklahoma, this new and important film, A Noble Lie, does an absolutely incredible job of bringing out all the information Oklahomans and all Americans need in order to really understand what led-to and what happened that spring day nearly 17 years ago.
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