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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Brush with the Deep State? by Peter Klein Tyranny News Network

A Brush with the Deep State?

Peter Klein
Tyranny News Network

[This post was initially submitted as a comment on the article, “Programmed to Kill: Mind Control and Manufactured Terror.“-Ed.]
After hearing Matthew Pauly describe his deep state encounters  on Real Politik and considering how sharing my recent experience Kleinmight be good in a number of ways, I’m going to share my experience in writing for the first time.
First, my name is Peter Klein and I’ve been blogging and producing videos with alternative views for nearly 10 years. I’ve been a guest on Dr. Tracy’s program a couple times (here and here) and co-produced We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. I currently host the IMS podcast, Fix the Media. So I’m not new to this material and yet I’ve never had any clear form of government harassment or worse occur to me so to speak.

The events I’m going to describe took place about 7-8 weeks ago. Just prior to that, I received 2 email messages to my private email account that were unlike any I’ve received. At this point I’m unsure if they are connected to the events I’m about to describe.

The first email was a fairly lengthy message that was written like a friend giving advice. I’ve chosen not to provide the specific details for personal reasons. The most unusual aspect of the contents was how it was written from the perspective of the future. It wasn’t predicting my future, but rather was stating my future situation as fact.
But what I noticed that struck me as totally unusual was the message contained no sender address. I examined the message source, which didn’t have a sender address either. But it did have an IP address for the sender, which I confirmed at the time was from a government or military block. It did concern me and I kept thinking about it throughout the day.
After probably six hours I went to read the email again but it was gone. I know enough about how email works to know this is unusual. Immediately I logged into the web access for the account which allows me to see all messages since they were last purged. The message didn’t appear there either. I then called my mail provider, a small company to see if they might be of help. Thankfully I spoke to someone I had talked to before and liked. They were kind enough to confirm that no message of the sort was recorded by their system.
One or two days later, I received a second and similar message. This was much shorter but also had no sender address. This one was more friendly, even saying at one point, “You’re on the right track.” Unfortunately, I didn’t think to copy the text and source of the message and it too was gone only a couple hours later.
OK, so a few days later I noticed looking outside the window of my second floor apartment two identical looking Ford Crown Victoria vehicles parked outside and just assumed someone in the complex was being visited by some law enforcement agency.
By chance, I needed to get something from my car about 15 minutes later. When I did, the two Crown Victorias were still there and I got a chance to get a better look at them. They were much like the police and fed vehicles I see here in Kentucky often. They were medium metallic grey in color. I swung out wide to see their plates, which were both from Virginia. I wasn’t alarmed at all since nobody had come to my door and the four passengers of the vehicles didn’t pay any notice to me.
But this is when I began to suspect I should be alarmed. I think it was 2 days later I was exiting the grocery store. I immediately noticed the same or identical two vehicles parked a fair distance away in the parking lot. The drivers of both vehicles were outside and leaning against the car looking directly at me.
Only a few seconds passed and I waved to them. Both men immediately waved back excitedly. I then continued to my car and intentionally ignored them as I put my groceries away and drove off. I couldn’t see them as I pulled out until I had turned onto the street, fully expecting that they would follow. But they didn’t so far as I could tell.
So I knew at this point something was up and felt very uneasy that night. The next day, I went shopping for some odds and ends. When I was leaving one of the stores, I had no expectation of seeing them again, but in the adjacent parking lot there they were. Just as in the day before, the drivers were leaning against the car and looking at me. Once again I drove off expecting them to follow but they didn’t. That was the last I’ve seen of them.
Since then I’ve tried to remember what they looked like and can say at least they were all men with short haircuts. They all appeared somewhat light skinned and dressed kinda corporate casual. I think most were wearing either long sleeve dress shirts or polo shirts. One did wear sunglasses and others may have as well. One or more may have even been wearing a tie but I can’t say for sure. I don’t recall seeing any guns or badges or anything else attached to their belts or elsewhere. They were in the range of 35 – 55 years old as best I can guess. They were about as close to the stereo-type of feds as I can imagine.
I don’t know if this correlates with anyone else’s experiences. If anything, I’ve documented the events for posterity. Although I’m still unsure if this was intended as a threat or something else, I feel it should be viewed as possibly menacing behavior, and hope it doesn’t portend future events.

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