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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. by MHB Administrator

James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. 14

The Board of Directors of the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. (“the Fund”) is pleased to announce the formal establishment of the Fund as a legal corporation in the State of Florida.
defenseThe James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. was founded in January 2016 to generate financial support for retaining competent independent legal representation for Dr. James Tracy following the abrupt January 6, 2016 termination from his tenured position as Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies by Florida Atlantic University.

Academic freedom and free speech are among the basic tenets of a free and democratic society. Tenure is intended to protect faculty from the various political pressures often brought to bear on modern universities, and to allow faculty to research and address potentially controversial subject matter without fear of reprisal.
Additional information on the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund is available by visiting TracyLegalDefense.org, where contributions are now being accepted.
One hundred percent of donations go toward researching and ascertaining the facts pertinent to Dr. Tracy’s case.

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