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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is Noah’s older step-brother, Michael Vabner, Noah “all grown up”? 20 by MHB Administrator

Is Noah’s older step-brother, Michael Vabner, Noah “all grown up”? 20

Or is Noah simply Michael as a child?

On becoming a “Sandy Hook Truther”

Kelley Watt
I am often asked, “What got you interested in doing research on Sandy Hook?
My story begins on a cold winter day mid-January of 2013. I had missed a lot of the news coverage at the time of the shooting so I decided to look into it and get more details because, like everyone else at that time, I thought this mass shooting had really Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.43.09 AMhappened. We had just had wi-fi installed at our cabin and, as it was too cold to go fishing, I had all day to devote to just looking into the television coverage to see what I had missed. So I turned on my ipad and my life changed that day.
What I found out sent me on an over-three-year quest of hard-core investigation, Let me begin.

The first thing I did after turning on my computer was type in the word “GOOGLE”. Then I typed in “CNN” combined with the words “Sandy Hook Shooting”. I then clicked on a segment by Anderson Cooper, where he was railing against a professor by the name of Dr. James Tracy, saying this man should be fired (where he held a taxpayer financed job as a public university professor at Florida Atlantic University). Anderson Cooper seemed a bit unhinged: he seemed to be really upset that the professor was suggesting that PERHAPS this hadn’t really happened.

Being a naturally curious person, I decided to look up Dr. Tracy on Google and find out what I could about this “deranged” professor. With a single click, up popped Dr. Tracy’s memoryholeblog.com and, because I had nothing but time on my hands, I clicked on what he had on his blog at the time, which was not a whole lot, primarily a press conference of the Connecticut Chief State Medical Examiner, Dr. Wayne H. Carver. Under the video was a written transcript which I found helpful, because in hearing Dr. Carver and seeing his words actually written out I noticed how many times he used the word “uh”.

After listening, I re-listened and counted the ” uh’s” myself: there were no less than 155! I was left speechless and watched the press conference two more times, it was at this point I knew something really weird was going on. When asked by a reporter, “Dr. Carver, what were the kids wearing?”, Dr. Carver’s reply was “Cute kid clothes”, Hmmm, I thought, why didn’t he say “school clothes”? Why did he not know how many girls were shot and how many were boys? Then when he made the statement. “I hope this does not come crashing down on the residents of Newtown”. I literally had to hit the “pause” button and re-listen.
After seeing Dr. Tracy’s Memory Hole another video popped up on You Tube and it was the infamous video of Robbie Parker in a full belly laugh within hours of his daughter, Emilie being gunned down.
So, these became my initial inquiries into what has since become know as “The Sandy Hook Hoax” and, although I did not realize it at the time, I was now a “Sandy Hook Truther”.
Placing some phone calls
After the initial shock of what I was discovering, although I had no idea at the time why this event was being put out as really happening, I decided it was time to place a few phone calls. I placed a called to the Environmental Protection Agency, because I own a residential and commercial cleaning company, I knew that major bio hazards were present and I also knew that they had to be disposed of properly.
Bio hazard waste must be carefully documented and disposed of in the most intricate way, so I wanted to know who received the contract for this type of gory clean up. When I called, I was passed around on the phone by several employees snd finally someone suggested I call the Connecticut State Police. So I quickly placed a call to a Lieutenant Paul Vance, who I was told was their press spokesman. Asking Lieutenant Vance who cleaned up the blood at Sandy Hook, he responded with the astonishing answer, “What blood?” My response was, “26 people were murdered, that blood”! He then asked if I was one of those “conspiracy theorists”, telling me, “I stepped over dead babies”. Again asking “who got the clean-up contract”, he suggested that I might find out by calling the Major Crime Squad in Western Connecticut. They had no answer for me, either.
Now I am hooked on The Hook! I watch more videos and found one which appeared to show a bunch of people walking around the firehouse in Sandy Hook, where everyone had been directed to go. Upon watching this video as well as ABC, CBS and NBC’s coverage, I began noticing everyone they were showing on television had on casual type clothes such as sweatpants, hoodies, ball caps, jeans, sweatshirts. One guy in an FBI vest was even wearing a red bandana! Now I’m thinking, “What’s up with this?” Because of the time of day, I’m thinking, these people must not work. Later I discovered that the people who live in this area and county (Fairfield County) are Hollywood movie moguls, venture capitalists, wall street bankers, hedge fund people and the like, so now I am really looking at this and saying, “This is too weird”, but it definitely had me captivated!

After seeing the You Tube video of people walking around the firehouse going in one door and out the other for what appeared to be maybe hours on end I decided I needed to call the Sandy Hook fire station to ask them why all these parents were walking in circles. I was put on speaker phone and was asked, “Are you one of those conspiracy theorists”? Then strangely I was asked by someone. “Did you vote for Obama”? They wanted to know where I was from and refused to answer my questions. I was being very serious, but they were laughing.
Then I started in with hundreds of calls to the press, Hartford Courant, The Danbury News, The Patch–literally every media including television and radio stations in the State of Connecticut. I had noticed something in all of the interviews that had been conducted with the parents of all the ” supposed” dead kids: that none had a single tissue in their hands as they gave these emotional descriptions of their deceased children. That was so off-the-charts that it was really starting to sink in that this was a big fat lie! Parents don’t bury their children and give interviews within hours and not need a Kleenex when describing what had happened to the press.
Lenny Pozner “following” me
A year has passed, everyday, I have spent a minimum of five hours reading and watching videos. I am focused on the dad of Adam Lanza, the shooter, but I can hardly find a thing on him. I recalled an interview of Ted Bundy’s parents and of Jeffery Dahlmer’s and of Gary Ridgeway and countless others as the press wants to interview the parents to get insight into the life of the killer. But for some odd reason, nobody in the US or the foreign press had any interest whatsoever in an on-camera interview with the father, Mr. Peter Lanza.
Keep in mind the press interviewed a girl, Alexis Israel, who went to Kindergarten with Adam, his son, the killer, who admitted she didn’t really know him other than that he is was very intelligent; they interviewed Alan Diaz, who claimed he went to high school with the shooter; they interviewed Adam’s psychiatrist, his school nurse, you name it, but no Peter Lanza–they just could have cared less about this infamous father. I know that I’m looking at a completely fabricated story/event; after a year, nothing is adding up.
I began making comments on videos and, two years into my research, I got an email from Google+ telling me, “Lenny Pozner is following you on Google +.” I hit the ” reply” button and wrote, “Why are you following me? Is it because I don’t believe a word about anybody dying at Sandy Hook and I don’t believe you had a son who died?” He would eventually send me a copy of “Noah’s death certificate”, which turned out to be a fabrication combining an authentic bottom half with a fake top half, which you can find here and in NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which amazon.com banned less than a month after its publication.

We talked through emails for about three hours and then Mr. Pozner, who was making the case that he did have a son who died at the school, said he was tiring of typing and could we talk on the phone instead. So I said, “You will have to call me because I don’t want you to say I was harassing you by me calling you“. He proceeded to call and we continued talking daily for some 2-3 months. I asked him for some substantiating documents to back up his wild claims and I requested a report card, a photo of his wife holding his son in the hospital as well as a death certificate which he claimed anyone could get for $19.00 (which was false).
Lenny Pozner is well-known for stalking individuals online. See “Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: The Fine Art of Online Stalking and Harassment
Having spent three years following Obama’s birth certificate fiasco, I was leery of any death certificate, and the hospital photo he sent was not taken in a hospital and what dad keeps handy his son’s report card especially when he lives in a different state and is separated from his wife. Needless to say, he made me think even more this whole charade called Sandy Hook was a fake event because I never got the feeling he was a grief stricken father. Besides what father who really lost a son would talk to some stranger calling him a liar, day in and day out. I even sent him a video of the movie, “Big Fat Liar”, which he thought was funny. Anybody who really lost a child would have hung up long before. (For additional information on the author’s encounters with Lenny Pozner see, “Are Sandy Hook Critics Delusional With ‘Twisted Minds’?“-Ed.)
Is Noah Michael Vabner?
As Lenny became more of a “trouble maker” to those in the truth movement, shutting down documentaries, You Tube channels, getting people fired from their jobs, going after copyright images claiming they were his I figured he really must have a LOT to lose so I thought, “What could it be? Why is this man on the war path?” He wasn’t mad when I didn’t believe him but by this time another year had passed and researchers were really exposing the truth, having found the FEMA manual that was hidden on the internet stating the event was a “drill” staged over two days. By this time, a lengthy (over 2 1/2 hour) documentary started making its way on the internet and really stirring up a hornet’s nest with millions watching he and the others were desperate, like I said, trying to get every thing Sandy Hook off the net.
Noah and Michael / Noah and Arielle / Michael and Danielle
Then after three years, someone wrote a letter to Dr. Tracy suggesting that Lenny Pozner’s stepson, Michael Vabner, bore an uncanny resemblance to his ” dead” son and to look into it. Seeing this as another avenue to research I looked into it, first by going into his step-son and daughter’s facebook pages. To my surprise, very little if anything is said about their dead step-brother and just a very, very few had any comments about it. I’m thinking, “How do you spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E?” These step-children are 20 years old and yet have virtually no Facebook footprint. After a few clicks I found several images on Lenny’s stepson’s Facebook page, which I presented on “The Real Deal” after Dr. Fetzer asked me to come on his show.
Is this why Lenny is on the prowl? Is Lenny’s stepson, Michael Vabner, really Noah “all grown up’? Is “Noah” a name they used with photos from Michael’s youth? And is Danielle really “Noah’s twin” the media has depicted him as having? Are Michael and Danielle grown up versions of Noah and Arielle? Are Noah and Arielle Lenny’s creations by using photos of Michael and Danielle as children? I have asked quite a few persons whether these look like the same person–and they invariably respond that they do. I think so, too, which would explain at least this one most peculiar aspect of the Sandy Hook story.
[Editor’s note: Lenny Pozner (or whatever his real name may be) has been abusing copyright claims to take down research on Sandy Hook, which involved an elaborate scam, fleecing the American public of millions of dollars in donations. We are in the process of solving a crime, where exposing that Noah Pozner did not die at Sandy Hook has become a crucial element of its resolution. There are exceptions for fair use and criticism under the copyright laws, where this is about as clear a case where there is not right of copyright as anyone could possibly

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