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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flu shots and chemotherapy are 'systemic health care frauds' warns Mike Adams in Health Revolt interview by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Flu shots and chemotherapy are 'systemic health care frauds' warns Mike Adams in Health Revolt interview

Flu shots
(NaturalNews) (Article by Natural News editors) When it comes to flu shots, "You have incompetent people injecting ignorant people who make a drug for crazy people," says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, referring to the bizarre and tragically ironic case of the New Jersey nurse who injected 70 people with flu vaccine using the same syringe.

What makes this nearly unbelievable story so ironic is that the 70 people subjected to injection with the same dirty needle were all employees of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures injectable drugs used to treat schizophrenia.

It doesn't get much weirder than that...

As Jim White, Mike's co-host of the Health Revolt broadcast featured on Red List News, notes in the opening segment of Episode 4, the story would almost be funny if it weren't so "absolutely tragic."

America's sick care system keeps profits alive, not people

This insane example is illustrative of the depths to which the American health care system - or as Mike calls it, the 'sick care system' - has sunk in recent years. How is it possible that a nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing would even consider using the same syringe twice - much less 70 times?

The incident could lead to very serious health consequences for all involved. What makes it even scarier for the victims is that many of the diseases that may have been transmitted by the dirty syringe won't show up in blood tests for several months. Imagine how it must feel to have to wonder for several months whether or not you have contracted a deadly disease due to a nurse's horrendous incompetence?

Also see this related story 9-year-old Texas girl paralyzed and blinded two days after receiving flu shot.

But these are just a few small examples of how our 'sick care system' can make you sick - or even kill you! Just ask any veteran about the so-called health care system that waits soldiers when they return home injured or with a case of PTSD.

In many cases, our veterans are receiving no care at all and are dying before they ever get a chance to see a doctor.

The $100 billion cancer industry fraud

The next topic addressed by Mike and Jim in this edition of Health Revolt is the $100 billion dollar chemotherapy scam created by the cancer industry. One of the reasons the industry makes so much money is because the "treatments" it relies on actually cause more cancer.

As Vicky Batts writes in Hoax.news:

"By killing off healthy cells, chemotherapy sets patients up to be at a higher risk of developing cancer again within 10-15 years, if the chemo didn't kill them the first time around. In fact, since the debut of chemotherapy, the number of secondary cancers has increased exponentially."

Another way the cancer industry makes money is through its early detection scam, which leads to many people being needlessly treated with poisonous chemicals and cancer-causing radiation... even when they don't have cancer.

As Mike points out: "Many tissue abnormalities that are not cancer, that are not malignant, that pose no real risk to health, are being called cancer." The overdiagnosis of cancer is a huge problem, even by the National Cancer Institute's own admission.

These are just a few of the topics covered in Episode 4. Be sure and tune in to hear Mike and Jim discuss these stories in detail along with several others, including forced vaccinations and the fact that the shooter involved in the Oregon mass killings was on five different medications.


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