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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant … by Gordon Duff, from Veterans Today


NEO – Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant

Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant

… by  Gordon Duff,     …with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

First  published  April 23, 2014  -

US and Kiev pretend they are under attack by protestors
US and Kiev pretend they are under attack by protestors
Last week, in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, unidentified masked individuals purporting to represent pro-Russian demonstrators passed out leaflets to those leaving a local synagogue. The leaflets, now exposed as a false flag psychological warfare operation, ordered Jews to “register.”
Simultaneously, a number of American newspapers including the New York Times, reported this “outbreak of anti-Semitism” and credited it to President Putin.
Simultaneously, millions of emails traced to Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League, were sent to Americans tied to conservative and right wing groups. The emails included attacks on President Obama and “Obamacare.”
At that moment, this information, when added to a virtual flood of intelligence “input” began to fill in blanks.
Israel was orchestrating events in Ukraine, pushing the US and Russia toward confrontation. In early March Anonymous Ukraine released intercepted emails outlining planned terror attacks to be perpetrated against the Ukraine.
Were these violent terror attacks that were prevented by “Anonymous” part of the same operation?

The interim de-escalation agreement

Hebron Graffiti...Never shown in Western media
Hebron Graffiti…Never shown in Western media
Before the proverbial ink was dry on the interim agreement to deescalate Ukrainian tensions, something had become very clear. There were real players that weren’t at the table, at least “not seen” at the table.

We are talking about Israel.
Ostensibly, Israel has maintained an overt pro-Russian policy and has distanced itself from the Obama administration’s rhetoric. Evidence, however, has demonstrated that this may well not be Israel’s policy at all.
While Israel has sided with Russia, or seems to have, the powerful Israel lobby in the US is spending millions attacking President Obama for his unwillingness to commit US forces to the Ukraine and to use military forces to expel Russia from Crimea.
What we are seeing is “game theory warfare,” the use of behavioral modeling tied generally tied to false flag terrorism, “black propaganda” and disinformation campaigns.
Currently, one of the largest such campaigns in history, more far reaching than that waged against Iran for years, is building to a crescendo.
Israeli Dolphin Sub - Made by Germany at a discount
Israeli Dolphin Sub – Made by Germany at a discount


There are several ways to examine any issue of this kind. The only two that come even close to getting it right are those of intelligence professionals, analysis that the general public almost never gets to see, or that of those termed “conspiracy theorists,” perhaps like a broken clock that always indicate the same time, they are right “twice a day.”
For an “intel pro,” the output of a “working group” is used, an ad hoc committee tasked with looking at media reports, public statements, intercepts and building a mosaic.
What intelligence agencies have available is a relatively accurate framework to build on. In the case of the Ukraine, there is a wealth of recent intelligence tying the current “coup regime” to trafficking arms to Al Qaeda in Syria and working with the Republic of Georgia to supply Sarin gas for the false flag attacks that were intended to bring American forces against the Assad government.
During the last year of the Syrian conflict, Israel has distanced itself from the Al Nusra/Al Qaeda, particularly after its longtime relationship with Saudi intelligence was aired.
Prior to that, Israeli armored forces provided fire support for rebels inside Syria. Israeli intelligence units were landed in Northern Syria tasked with planting communications “repeaters” used to create the fabricated “in the clear” radio traffic used to blame Assad forces for Sarin attacks.
On May 2, 2013, an Israeli Dolphin Class submarine picking up one of the teams planting the false signal repeaters along with ground sensors to provide intelligence on Syrian Army movements for the rebels, was sighted by a helicopter armed with an antisubmarine torpedo.
On the dock in Germany...the newest Dolphin
On the dock in Germany…the newest Dolphin
The Israeli sub was sunk off Northern Syria in 300 feet of water. 85 lives were lost. The story was carried for one day in the Syrian press, initial reports and highly credible confirmations. The story was then “pulled” and all mention of the incident was quashed.
Two days later, Israel hit a Syrian army communications center outside Damascus with a tactical nuclear weapon. Though this attack was filmed and went viral on YouTube, inexorably a nuclear attack with requisite “ball lightning,” both sides accepted their losses, wiped the slate clean and walked away.
These incidents are only a small part of the intelligence framework, things never intended for the public. Were such information to enter the public domain it could be used to embarrass, to humiliate and, eventually, bring about an escalation no party could control.
It is easier to pretend it never happened, as is so often the case.


A close encounter of the aerial kind
Three weeks ago, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh published a 6000 word piece detailing the involvement of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in staging the false flag Sarin attacks on Syria.
Hersh indicated that the US was prepared to “carpet bomb” Syria with massed B 52 heavy bombers.
What, to intelligence professionals, has turned out to be part of the “mosaic” is the Hersh paper. Hersh has long been rumored to be a “high value Israeli asset.”
The Hersh story followed on the heels of a UK Telegraph piece by Evans-Pritchard detailing how China has distanced itself from Putin over the Crimean incursion. The story was filled with disinformation traced to elements of MI 6 acting on behalf of “friends of Israel.”
On April 17, 2014, the New York Times published a story on the de-escalation settlement. The Times is, ostensibly, a bastion of the “liberal press” but, along with CNN, the Washington Post, Daily Beast/Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and other “institutions,” is largely controlled by the Israel lobby in the US and Israeli intelligence.
All Murdoch media operations are entirely operated as Israeli intelligence fronts.
As with the Israeli operations inside Syria, the ability to control media can be and is a vital defense function. No intelligence professional expects a “free press.” In fact, without “ham handed” bumbling on the part of spy/reporters, intelligence agencies would have to actually work.
In this case, the New York Times virtually leaked vital intelligence through its poor quality disinformation tactics.
The Times story by Michael Gordon begins quoting Secretary of State Kerry as characterizing the agreement as a “first step to avert ‘a complete and total implosion’ in eastern Ukraine.” However, within a paragraph, the “Imagineering” begins.
“The agreement, described in a joint statement, does not specifically require Russia to remove the approximately 40,000 troops it has on Ukraine’s border, as Mr. Obama has demanded.”
However, after careful examination of Obama’s statements, nothing even comes close to a “demand,” a term whose diplomatic equivalent is “ultimatum.”
Such terms are not used without care and, in this case, are attributable to systematic misdirection by the New York Times. They weren’t done there, not by a long shot. They immediately hit with another fictional “demand:”
“Nor does it commit Russia to holding direct talks with the interim Ukrainian government, which has been another American demand.”
This is followed by something that leads us further, a trail to Tel Aviv:
“It calls on all sides in Ukraine to refrain from violence or provocative behavior and rejects all forms of intolerance, including anti-Semitism, which Mr. Kerry said had emerged as a worry in eastern Ukraine.”
Least of all, Secretary of State Kerry has never made mention of “anti-Semitism” as a threat in Eastern Ukraine. However, the danger of “anti-Semitism” has been a major concern of both the White House and State Department but not in Eastern Ukraine but in western Ukraine.
Victoria Nuland - Ukraine coup planner
Victoria Nuland – Ukraine coup planner
The original intercepted communication with Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland (Nuland and her husband, John Kagan hold Israeli citizenship) outlined specifically how neo-Nazi “anti-Semitic” forces were to be pushed out of the government.
We will look at one more key statement before moving on. Please note that this is one story in one publication. Dozens of stories reflect similar not simply bias, but an intent to make the media a party to the negotiations, a party intent on forcing escalation.
This implies that the media represents a “third force,” one that other factions have labeled as Israeli. We will examine how they reached this conclusion. Our last Times statement follows:
“American officials have also sought to give Ukraine time to hold its May 25 presidential election without more extensive Russian interference.”
With the coup backed government conducting military operations in Eastern Ukraine using tanks and jet fighters during the run-up to an election, the idea of seeing Russia as “interfering” is insanity.

Georgia on my mind

George Tenet...Georgia was a sad stain on his career
George Tenet…Georgia was a sad stain on his career
The 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia was a “donnybrook” for intelligence agencies. CIA Director George Tenet and top level staffers had been “feathering their nests” in Georgia, working closely with Israeli groups to set the stage for the upcoming conflict.
The CIA had long been active in the region, training Chechen Jihadists, a move that backfired when the US went into Afghanistan in 2001 and found itself fighting its own highly trained operatives.
Turning the Black Sea into an American/Israeli “lake,” as the Mediterranean had long been, was driving force behind this conflict, a war initially led by Israeli commandos.
Georgia has long been more than an American “client state.” Georgia has been a transit point for weapons trafficking from the Ukraine, drug trafficking from Afghanistan and for planning operations against not only Iraq and Iran, but Armenia as well.
Georgia is actually an Israeli client state as is Azerbaijan. Today’s question is a simple one. Is the new regime in Kiev on the way to becoming another “cog” in what F. William Engdahl recognizes to be a rapidly escalating multi-regional conflict, in other terms, a “world war.”

No one asks why

In order to understand the pattern of conflicts that, for nearly all geopolitical security analysts require evidence of a “prime mover,” we descend into the realm of economics.
War is business. War is a racket. Politics is a combination of both. Syria, Ukraine, the African conflicts, the renewed East West “cold war,” fits perfectly in a mosaic.
The end result is clear, a “dark age” for mankind, a world of injustice and poverty.
Who would want such a thing? Why would they do this? We are all seeing it but the answers to the questions touch an area of soulless darkness few care to consider. That will be the undoing of us all. Do we have the courage to face what we must do? Or will we just let the wave roll over us?
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans’ and POW issues for decades and has consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”
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12 Comments for “NEO – Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant”

    Yanukovych was the elected president of Ukraine. The government in Kiev is the result of a vote in parliament, so is it legitimate? It’s debateable.
    President Putin has never openly stated it but it has always looked as though he is trying to get back at the oligarchs who looted the USSR in the turmoil of Yeltsin’s reign. They are nearly all Jews. Where did they get the millions to buy assets at cents on the dollar?
  2. “Kerry and the interests he represents are really terrified and frustrated. His statement is a desperate attempt to do what the lawyers call the “last resort rule”. It goes like this “If you have the law, hammer the law. If you have the facts, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table”.
    I copied this from the Vineyard of the Saker, which resonates with me because I was once married to a man who was made to feel very important in his training, but when he sniffed defeat across the Scrabble board from the wife who was meant to function as no more than a trophy, he would tip the board into her lap.
    Similarly, I once read that Israel’s worst, most abiding fear, is to be de-legitimised.
    read more ...
  3. nothing in article is new information. and I just hate going through what nyt thinks or writes. so do obozo, Kerry and other ugly puppets.
    real news is that Russia has comitted to protecting Russians in Ukraine. and that means more Russians will be killed because war is on agenda. senate and White House have become laughable puppets. CIA and military is not far behind. so everyone will just follow orders like a “fetch the ball”. what a sad state of affairs.
  4. Quite good article showing part od the scene. And you ask “Who would want such a thing? Why would they do this?”…
    Gordon, don’t forget the real history about the Tzadiquim Tribe. They are the only ones, the “choosen ones”. They are the kind of the god “Yawi”. And this psychopath god, is really an Alien species the Archons an error that “minded controllled” for thousand years the abraham tribe. J-umans are the proxy dupes of Yaldabaoth agenda. The western goverments (US+EU) are proxies of the Tzadiquin/J-umans agenda. And the agenda is the same Destroy the humanity (all including those brainless dummies that call themselves “choosed”), destroy the earth itself.
    This is the REAL narrative that hides behind the scenes. This is a war
    read more ...
    • it is interest. not money. money has to be earned and these chosen tribe are good for nothing. interest on the other hand gives lot more than money and is free.
  5. —–Ever time an Israeli Mossad gets caught in other countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, etc., Massed says they are from CIA. Yesterday, in Eastern Ukraine when a so called reporter was caught and put in jail he said he is Israeli-American.
    —–Israel the “Evil Empire” not only they are the Enemy of USA, from within they are also buying us Enemies around the World.
  6. So, who takes out the State Department and the CIA operatives? Dangerous stuff from the little internationalists. How do you take the reports of Brennan and US, and other operatives creating the actions on the ground, Gordon or Editors?
    http //www.strategic-culture.org/news/2014/04/25/punitive-action-in-south-east-of-ukraine.html
    Is this a fishing expedition.
    ENOUGH—–If you do not flood with phone calls–Senators Levin & Bob Corker offices—YOU ARE NOT AMERICANS
    —–Obama gave Ukraine 1 Billion while Biden gave 50 Million, (not to mention the usual yearly, 3 Billion, additional in Aids of our tax $).——- Meanwhile Americans have lost their jobs, homes, sleeping in their cars in dangerous areas with their kids (and those are who are lucky & use public bathrooms) don’t have money to feed their kids, yet we borrow from China and give Illegitimate Ukraine government,
    —–Carl Levin, the Israeli-American, Israel Firster Zionist, NOW he is Ukraine Firster too—-1st Israel, 1st Ukraine, 3rd USA in line.
    —–He said we have to implement stronger sanctions against
    read more ...
  8. Mr. Duff, Thank you for this timely & much needed synopsis of the Ukraine crises as well as for your crucial insight into international dynamics that indeed don’t make the MSM. This is why VT is so vital to WE THE PEOPLE! I also very much enjoy your conversations with Mike Harris on his radio show. Keeping us informed as we enter a very dark time is greatly appreciated…
  9. Excellent article, Mr. Duff. “Who would want such a thing? Why…?” Without trying to be facetious, I think we can safely say that the orchestration of world events, and even the desire to do so, is probably not an activity in which many of the poor or middle classes are involved, except as victims, targets, or useful idiots. Similarly, the average person has little to gain from these activities, and is far more likely to experience losses such as a dead spouse, son, or daughter, and a higher tax bill extending into eternity. In other words, the culprits we’re looking for are to be found in the ranks of the rich and very rich, just like those guilty of satanism, pedophilia, and other immoral, anti-human activities that require a lot of pay to play.
    read more ...
  10. Yes, Georgia, Azerbaijan have become nothing more than Israeli ‘client states’ and as the picture of neocon Victoria Nuland suggest, the Ukraine is well on its way to becoming one too. But it is difficult to imagine William Engdahl, who has shied away from Israeli links to 9-11, citing an Israeli nexus to what is going on in the Ukraine. I am glad the author has decided to in part refocus our attentions on Israel as a critical player regarding the current unfolding crisis in the Ukraine. If we want to avoid a real disaster and possible nuclear war, we must bring Israel to heel and at once!
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