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Monday, March 31, 2014

American Free Press (AFP) Reporter Wants to Cover NY State Sen. Candidate's 9/11 Activism but Won't Touch 'Jesuit Stuff by Greg Symanski,JD

Greg Szymanski

American Free Press (AFP) Reporter Wants to Cover NY State Sen. Candidate's 9/11 Activism but Won't Touch 'Jesuit Stuff'

How can any newspaper cover a candidate running on an anti-Vatican ticket without discussing the Vatican or Jesuits? Researchers say it is another sign that the AFP is controlled by the Vatican-led NWO.

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 9, 2008

The Jesuit controlled American Free Press (AFP) has contacted New York state senate candidate, Christopher Strunk, to do an article about his 9/11 truth activism, but said it would not touch the subject of the Jesuit Order.

And the AFP offer to Strunk is just another example how the supposed truth seeking alternative media goes out of its way to protect Vatican interests, according to anti-Vatican researchers.
     Strunk, running on an anti-Vatican/Jesuit ticket for a state senate seat in Brooklyn's 18th District, said he was contacted by AFP reporter, Mark Anderson who, according to Strunk, "remains dedicated to the 9-11 coverage, but wants to stay away from the Jesuit stuff."

The reason the AFP wants to stay away from the "Jesuit stuff" is because owner Willis Carto fronts for the Jesuits and Vatican while blaming the Jews, according to Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, and other researchers in the know about the Vatican's involvement.
Furthermore, it is well known among Vatican researchers that Carto has had close dealings with high-level Knights of Malta figures, including James Jesus Angleton, Peter J. Grace and Roger Pearson.

After Angleton left the Vatican desk of the CIA, Angleton became one of two Associate Editors of the Journal of International Relations under General Editor Roger Pearson. Carto's connection to Pearson runs deep as Pearson was once considered the most important neo-Nazi contact and racist propagandist in the U.S. and had been a former Editor of Carto's Western Destiny.
Another question must be raised, says many anti-Vatican researchers, is how can any newspaper like Carto's remain dedicated to 9/11 coverage while overlooking Jesuit connections to the Vatican-led New World Order's conspiracy to overthrow U.S. by orchestrating a terror campaign demonstrated by the toppling of the Twin Towers.

"This whole question of Vatican involvement has been covered up by most of the alternative media indicating the power that the papacy has over both the mainstream and alternative media," said anti-Vatican researcher, Darryl Eberhart. "They have refused to even cover truth about the Vatican's involvement in the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln's assassination orchestrated by the Vatican and Jesuit Order."

Eberhart then elaborated:

"It surely seems that every 50 to 100 years the hierarchy of the Roman
Catholic Church goes on a “MASS-MURDER SPREE” – the most recent being
the “Vatican’s Holocaust” in Fascist Croatia in the early 1940s, where
the Roman Catholic Ustashi (led and urged on by Franciscan monks,
friars, and priests) tortured and slaughtered up to one MILLION innocent
Serb Orthodox Christians. Papal Rome’s “crimes against humanity” are

"Papal Rome is a power-hungry, torture-loving, mass-murdering
geopolitical-financial juggernaut that just also happens tobe a
“religion” as well – and a very PROFITABLE “religion” at that (through
indulgences, Mass cards for the dead, etc.).

"Papal Rome has always sought after WEALTH and POWER as her number ONE
priority. (Her popes, for the most part, have had little to no
resemblance to the humble Jesus Christ and His humble apostles!) Papal
Rome is the REAL HATER, and she has always HATED Jews, Orthodox
Christians, Protestants, and independent Bible-believing Christians –
and she has KILLED as many individuals of all these groups as she
possibly could whenever and wherever she has had both the opportunity
and the power to do so! Telling the TRUTH about Papal Rome’s many
“crimes against humanity” is NOT hatred; rather, it is an attempt to
ALERT as many people as possible as to the grave danger Papal Rome will
always pose to religious liberty, freedom of conscious, and popular,
representative government as long as she exists!

"Yes, telling the TRUTH about Papal Rome’s numerous “crimes against
humanity” is NOT hatred; rather, it is all about SELF-PRESERVATION: our
very lives are AT RISK as long as this “serial killer” remains in our
midst with all her power and wealth.

"Strong words you say? If you think so, then please re-examine many of
the worst instances where Papal Rome has tortured, slaughtered, and
butchered Jews, Moslems, Orthodox Christians, Protestants, and
independent Bible-believing Christians! Remember the INQUISITION! It
STILL exists! (Papal Rome has NOT changed!)"

Regarding Strunk's NY state senate bid, he is the first known state
senate candidate in the country to run on an anti-Vatican ticket and
openly criticize the the geopolitical intrigue and U.S. involvement by
the Jesuits.

On his campaign web site, he had this to say about his resolve to expose
Vatican and Jesuit infiltration and intrigue into the American culture:

"The strongest tool a free citizen has is speech and the truth. Because
the reader of this Website may believe that I am too hardnosed in the
matter of the role of the Jesuits.

"I contend I am not hardcore enough. To the extent that I am preparing
my own campaign position for teaching history and critical thinking with
the role of civics education in every Public School in New York for
effective citizens, as a requirement to graduate from a New York High
school, I believe every document underlying the existence of the State
of New York and it’s home-rule entities and towns must include the
unvarnished stark underlying realities that shape our history. The
Protestant Reformation refuge then overthrown by the European Monarch
after the defeat of Cromwell in England is essential knowledge for every
USA and New York citizen.

"The question I ask the reader - Has the below history been
intentionally censored from your education in New York?

To show Strunk's willingness to expose the Vatican and Jesuits, he
recently filed a Freedom of Information request to release the Lincoln
papers warning Americans about Rome's intentions of overthrowing the
U.S. and its Constitution.

He also has filed a request with the CIA to have every Jesuit priest in
the U.S. registered as a foreign agent under the little known Lagan Act.

Strunk said the CIA responded favorably to having his request considered
but said he will have to wait patiently since he in on a list with 200
other requests for various other matters unrelated to the Jesuits.

In order to prove his point, Strunk used the Jesuit priest, Fr. de
Chardin, the father of Liberation Theology and the New Age movement in
the U.S., as the main connection between Jesuit infiltration and
followers in the U.S. government, including the Clinton and Bush
families, not to mention the entire Congress, Senate and Supreme Court.
(Strunk's entire request can be read in the Feb. 8, 2008 Arctic Beacon
On his web site, he talks about exposing the enemies in the Jesuit flank in New York, the United States and globally:

"As you know the burial place and shrine for Fr. Piere Tielhard de Chardin, S.J. (1881-1955), the father of moderism-progressive praxis of environmentalism and Liberation Theology as also adopted by the US CIA in 1950 leading to Racheal Carson's Silent Spring, is located at the privious novitiate of the province now on the grounds of the Culinary Institute of America Dutchess County.

"There are 10 provinces that constitute the USA and its possessions and are a subset part of 83 provinces globally.

"In short the Jesuits are:
· A military Order NOT religious order
· They are formed to reverse the Reformation
· They are focused on the control of Jerusalem
· They are all about maintaining and increasing the wealth of the papacy
· They are the most cunning and dangerous global fighting force known
· They are sworn to five not four oaths which is their Achilles heal and have their hands into everything GLOBALLY
· The Protocols for Elders of Zion were written by the Jesuits during their exile in Prussia and Russia under Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great from 1773 to 1814.

"I am working on exposing the enemies Jesuit flank in Dutchess County where the Province dabbled in real estate for one hundred years and left a graveyard where De Chardin is buried – are building the environmentalist movement around for the Dems.

"The Democrats have co-opted the environmentalist movement from the German Greens and are using the ideology to push the NAU / SPP – I am at the heart of the matter When it comes down to it everything is about money and control at a distance by the Jesuits who are no different.

"I made testimony in the State Senate at the request of Senator Joe Bruno’s office on Monday the Testimony is attached below at the urging of Senator Bruno's Office:

Oct. 15 2007 Joint - Senate Standing Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Chair: Senator Vincent L. Leibell III and Senate Standing Committee on Transportation
Chair: Senator Thomas W. Libous Public Hearing: Protecting our State's Security
Place: Van Buren Hearing Room A, Legislative Office Building, 2nd Floor, Albany, New York
Time: 10:00 A.M. Contact: Robert T. Farley / Marianne Reilly - fax (518) 426-6977

In appreciation of the opportunity to speak on Protecting our State’s Security as a matter of national security with global significance. I Christopher Earl Strunk am a Vietnam Era Veteran, born in Manhattan, resident in Brooklyn, devoted to God and Country, have taken the oath to defend and protect the USA and the constitutions on which the Federal republic is based against any enemy foreign or domestic; as such give warning of Governor Eliot Spitzer’s sedition as an enemy whose treachery is in conspiracy with others aiding and abetting with sanctuary for illegal aliens in New York against federal law must be impeached pursuant to NYS Articles IV and VI.

Warning herein is done in good faith with the May 1985 adoption of Senate 1073 and Assembly 1249 commitment to the consummate efflorescence of human dignity with which they did praise my “unselfish dedication and competent discharge of duty…above and beyond the responsibilities of job and duty…perception of the value and worth of others, for his innate and ingenious concern for the preservation and enhancement of human dignity”.

That beyond the honor and praise of 22 years ago, I am vigilant to maintain individual inalienable freedoms given by Almighty God, urge this Committee to support my action with Attorney Carl E. Person for an independent investigation of the perfidy unleashed on 9-11-01 against the sovereign People of the state New York; we urge the State Legislature to bring sunlight upon treason and sedition as a matter of protecting our State’s Security.

That as a matter of security and justice denied after 9-11-01 involves the matter of providing sanctuary for illegal aliens with impunity in violation of federal and state law, that then Attorney General Spitzer by seamless acts of sedition now as Governor reaches the level of treason subject to impeachment under NYS Article VI section 24, and that pursuant to Article IV must be removed; Mr. Spitzer shall give testimony without immunity pursuant to Article I section 6.

That notwithstanding the majority vote of our Assembly controlled by a top-down corporatist elite, with political districts gerrymandered beyond the letter and intent of State Constitution Article IX Homerule, this committee nevertheless must act as a matter of our State’s Security to review the population size of the city of New York, which as a Home-rule entity has 26 of 62 Senators violative of NYSC Article III Section 4; and as a home-rule entity exceeds the maximum size of persons determined by the census allowable by the NYS Constitution; and as such Brooklyn must have Homerule again for our State’s Security.

A review of the facts will show that Governor Eliot Spitzer is a globalist driven by oxymoronic Liberation Theology in conspiracy with the Cuomo and Clinton dynasty, whose modernist- progressive praxis is that of Fr. George Tyrell, S.J. (1861-1909) and Fr. Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, S.J. (1881-1955).

That by using the God and Country principle as our inalienable foundation for continuation of our federal republic with 50 sovereign states is apposed by the Governor, as if New York were a province of ten provinces, merely as a subset among 83 provinces globally, and the multicultural co-equality it supposes rather than the fiercely independent Country under an Almighty God whose citizens of one State are sovereign among the fifty Federal members with borders language and culture distinct from the whole world.

Further, only our Congress sets the agenda under Article 1 Section 8 clause 4 for the naturalization of citizens per se, not the governor or legislature as if once under the Articles of Confederation. As such goes to Mr. Spitzer's violation of the Logan Act by offering residency that undermines each citizen’s vote and right to have each vote counted in the sunshine.

Furthermore, were illegal aliens or aliens granted drivers licenses by the Governor’s sedition and treason, (I contend that only the Federal government may issue a license to an alien whether here legally or not) the People’s sovereignty guaranteed in our State Bill of Rights Law in all matters is affected, especially for the sanctity of the vote under Article II would be undermined and stolen by dilution and fraud. My associate the Honorable Robert K. Dornan has suffered since the 1996 stolen election by the perfidy of globalist Republicans and Democrats who in California and elsewhere use illegal aliens to vote as a weapon against our sovereignty, a copy of Mr. Dornan’s letter to the Court in the Federal case in Western District of New York WDNY 06-cv-0080 case Forjone v. California et al. is herewith attached (now transferred to NDNY 06-cv-1002 assigned to Judge Lawrence E. Kahn).

Like me, Mr. Dornan puts God and Country before party politics dedicated to the sanctity of our individual vote demands that the laws of each state be enforced and the right to vote by each citizen be accompanied by the right of knowing that each vote is duly counted in the sunshine as a matter of national security. Alive on the public record suffrage perfidy exists in New York that allows aliens to vote. Here in Albany, were Mr. Soares to compare the graveyards of Albany that rise as if by command of Mayor Corning’s ghost on election day with those who do vote, likewise Mr. Hynes comparing voting roles census in NYC grows accordingly each election day with votes from all over the world. That elections in New York proceed as if by remote control at a distance and brings into question the use of NVRA (“motor-voter act”) and HAVA (“help anyone to vote act”); and as such the standard for review by this Committee shall be strict and thorough as a State and national security matter.

In deference for the time of the Committee I am not going to burden the reader with copious and readily available facts about the danger the sanctuary policy for illegal aliens imposes upon the citizens, states and nation. I am at the beck and call of this Committee for providing supporting evidence for what I contend, and am available for further testimony accordingly.

"I have found that my message concerning Jesuit intrigue has been very favorable with Catholics, especially women, who want to know the truth about the hierarchy of their church," said Strunk, adding he is also concerned in the Vatican's role in the illegal Federal Reserve Banking system and the high rate of foreclosures in recent months.

Last March, Strunk also sued the Federal Reserve which most Americans believe
is a federal agency, but actually is a private money cartel made up of a select group of bankers intent on controlling the U.S. economy with silent complicity of politicians who are hiding the truth about the Fed Reserve.

Simply put, the Fed Reserve prints money out of thin air - Fiat currency
- on demand from the corrupt Congress. With no gold or silver backing,
the money cartel then turns around and charges interest which is paid
back to the bankers by U.S. citizens who stand by helplessly without any
knowledge how a "select few" are manipulating their economy for the
benefit of a few politicians and financiers.

"As you know I sued the NY Federal Reserve Bank and Goldman Sacks,"
said Strunk, "in March of last year because of their manipulation of the
housing mortgage and vacancy rates pushing assessment and local real
property taxation - now we face somewhere between 14 to 24 thousand
mortgage foreclosures which would be staved off by dropping interest

"There are people who could afford $3500 a month but the interest rates
have pushed the amount to $5500 a month as an example I just read in a
local community newspaper here in Bedford Stuyvesant."

Regarding Strunk's case to register all Jesuits as foreign agents, here is his most recent appeal and the Agency's acceptance to review:

Strunk's Appeal:

The Members of the Agency Release Panel Pursuant to the above Subject matter with file reference F-2008-002 18, I hereby appeal from the final decision alleged as if applicable under Section 3.6(a) under Executive Order 12958, and demand for immediate release of all information regarding its investigation of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. w a y1, 188 1 - April 10, 1955). Fr. DeChardin is the progenator and agent of the Vatican for implementation of Liberation Theology and a single Gaia based religion worldwide to the exclusion of all others, and that Fr. De Chardin promulgated the rise of Mao Tse-tung in China from 1929 in coordination with Fr. Pedro de Armpe de Gondra then of Nagasaki Japan, who both after the War were deployed by the Vatican, Fr. Arrupe to Rome and Fr. DeChardin to the New York Province of the Society of Jesus under Cardinal Spellman and Fr. Vincent O'Keefe S.J. of Fordham University. That there is sufficient historical background for this matter documented by the late Fr. Malachi Martin S.J. stated in The Jesuits published by The Linden Press of Simon and Schuster New York 1987. That the U.S. Government under the authority of 18 USC 5 953 (the Logan Act) ' irequired to record all of Fr. De Chardin's involvement with American Citizens then and now actively recruited as agents to Liberation Theology / one I 5 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments. Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any forelgn government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects 1 Stat. 613, January 30. 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. g 953 (2004).

That any U..S. Citizen and or agent of any U.S. Government agency recruited to the doctrines of Fr. DeChardin's Liberation Theology one world religious movement must be scrutinized and registered as an agent of a foreign power and L or removed from office. There is ongoing treachery by those involved in the so- cal led global warming hoax, and the U.N.'s Law of 'the Seas Conference fraud controlled by Vatican agent's at the United Nations New York absolutely must not be funded by U.S. tax dollars; compels action, especially since the then unrecognized global Vatican State existence, then and now promotes one world government as a irrefutable doctrine expressed by the Metz Pact (1962).

That Fr. De Chardin's Liberation Theology mission was and is continued to transform USA sovereignty under Vatican domination over U.S. Government Policy, against citizen protections of the First Amendment, intended to replace all religious practice with one world Gaia worship. That Fr. De Chardin and the Vatican's enterprise acts in conjunction with agents of the New York Chatauqua Assemblies, corporate members of the Kellogg Foundation and related entities complicit with elements of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Hemisphere wrongly protected by segmented methods of secrecy. That the cosmology of Fr. DeChardin under Vatican I1 is used to implement one world Gaia religious government having been devised by the Vatican's then Counter Intelligence Director James Jesus Angelton of the Vatican Desk using agents of the New York Province of the Society of Jesus with a formula devised to modify the Monroe Doctrine.

That after the 1980 U.S. Presidential election, a concordant state to state recognition of the Vatican was entered under CIA Agent George H. W Bush's control of the Reagan Administration who now as a biological extension of Stony Hurst Jesuit trained George Herbert Walker is a continuing family matter that has expanded Vatican control over USA domestic and hemispheric operations policy with impunity. That under the Reagan Concordant the Vatican falls under the Vienna Convention for Consular Affairs of 1963 and the Law of Treaties of 1969 following the Jesuit's creation of Vatican 11, absolutely requires strict scrutiny by this Agency Release Panel for release of records showing Fr. DeChardin's involvement with the agency, and immediate listing of every Jesuit as an agent of a foreign power by the US Government. For this Pane1 not to release all document related to Fr. De Chardin now fifty-two years after his death would now ring clear on treachery and treason ongoing among its ranks. Hopefully the members of the Panel will act expeditiously eliminate need for judicial i n t e m n great expense e s t time. Sincerely your CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK

Agency Response:

Mr. Christopher Earl Strunk 593 Vanderbilt Avenue. #281 Brooklyn. NY 11238 Reference: F-2008-00218 Dear Mr. Strunk:

We received your 17 December 2007 letter appealing our 9 November 2007 response to your Freedom of Information Act request for records concerning Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

Specifically. you appealed our determination to neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records responsive to your request on the basis of Freedom of Information Act exemptions (b)( I) and (b)(3). Your appeal has been accepted and arrangements will be made for its consideration by the appropriate members of the Agency Release Panel. You will be advised of the determinations made.

In order to afford requesters the most equitable treatment possible, we have adopted the policy of handling appeals on a first-received. first-out basis. At the present time. our workload ' consists of approximately 200 appeals awaiting completion. In view of this, some delay in our reply must be expected, but I can assure you that every reasonable effort will be made to complete a response as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Scott Koch Information and Privacy Coordinator

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