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Sunday, November 17, 2013

John F. Kennedy Assassination quotes from Dr. John Coleman The Committee of 300

John F. Kennedy Assassination

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Some writers hold that this [JFK Assassination] was a "Mason conspiracy" [...] I believe that the cover up went far beyond any particular society, and was ordered and orchestrated by the very highest echelon of powers.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
Assassinating a president is not a Federal crime; it is a State crime hence by law, jurisdiction had to remain with the State of Texas. The Secret Service body snatchers were well aware of the law, but with guns drawn took a calculated decision to violate the law.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
The majority of murder cases are solved through the presentation of circumstantial evidence, and this one [JFK Assassination] will one day be added to the list of such cases.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
We know that immediately after his trip to Dallas, Oswald sent an urgent telegram to Hoover in which he warned of the threat to Kennedy. This is not the kind of action an assassin would take just an hour before carrying out his plan. Apparently Oswald was covering himself against involvement in the "simulated" attack.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
Everything points to the conclusion that Oswald was planted in the Book Depository building and that he believed he was taking part in a simulated attack on Kennedy, on behalf of the FBI or the CIA. Nothing else would make sense. By 1967 most of the key players had been eliminated, including the CIA contingent; Ferrie, Bannister, Ward, Tippit, Ruby and a large number of persons who had in some way been involved with the conspiracy. All died mysterious and sometimes violent deaths. One such person was Rose Cheramie, one of Jack Ruby's close friends.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
According to all the reports filed by the police agencies involved, Oswald had no plans to flee the building and was not on the floor from where the shots were alleged to have come. Instead, he was at a Coke machine on a lower floor when the shots rang out. Several witnesses saw Oswald at this location at the time of the shooting. He must have been astonished to hear the shots, quickly recovered, and realizing he had been set up, fled, before the Pueblo backup team could reach him.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
The order went out, "assassinate Kennedy," soon after Kissinger was kicked out and after Kennedy had made his intentions known to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and break the monopoly of the Federal Reserve. Kennedy did this under the false assumption that as the president of the United States, he was beyond the reach of all who might wish to harm him.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
The job of removing Kennedy was given to Sir William Stephenson, former head of the North American Desk of MI6 [...]
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
He [Kennedy] could not be bribed with unlimited money and unlimited sex both of which he had a surfeit. Let no man vainly imagine that he can take on the Committee of 300 and win, especially not where the control of the money of the nation is concerned. Unbeknown to the American people, the Treasury had made ready for distribution around $4 billion in Treasury Notes. Had these notes been put into circulation, it would have ended the reign of financial terror imposed on the nation by the Federal Reserve Banks.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
His [Kennedy] anger over the Cuba missile crisis, his Executive Order on currency, his order to end the war and get U.S. forces out of Vietnam, and his unwillingness to accept "guidance" from the persons who had placed him in the White House, meant that his usefulness to the "Olympians" had come to an end.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
The Kennedy assassination was a British Intelligence MI6 operation, in which the CIA and the FBI played substantial and significant roles. One thing we want to make perfectly clear to the American people is that their President was stripped of all security and left naked and defenseless. The Dallas police withdrew its protection as did the Secret Service. The United States Army was specially trained to protect the President, but on November 22nd its offer to protect President Kennedy was refused by the Secret Service.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view
In the case of President Kennedy, the assassination was carried out with great attendant publicity and with the utmost brutality to serve as a warning to world leaders not to get out of line. Pope John Paul I was quietly murdered because he was getting close to exposing the Committee with his inquiring into the work of Freemasons int he Vatican hierarchy. His successor, Pope John Paul II was publicly humiliated as a warning to cease and desist, an order he obeyed. As we shall see, certain Vatican leaders -- are today seated on the Committee of 300.
— Dr. John Coleman; The Committee of 300 view

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