If Portland Fluoridates, Lead Levels Will Rise

So Too Will Cancer Deaths From Arsenic

Fluoridation with Fluorosilicic Acid is Illegal

by James Robert Deal, J.D.
Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D.
Updated May 17, 2013
Fluoride Class Action is a group of attorneys and scientists who study fluoridation law and science. We advise Portland voters to consider the following:
The commercial grade of fluorosilicic acid, with which Portland leaders plan to fluoridate Portland’s drinking water, contains or breaks down predominantly into fluoride ion, hydrogen ion, hydrogen fluoride, and silicic acid.
It also contains lesser amounts of lead and arsenic and smaller but significant amounts of mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, selenium, barium, and thallium. The brew can beslightly radioactive, emitting beta radiation. So many toxic materials, acting synergistically, should not be presumed safe. The burden of proof should be on those who claim it is safe, not on those who claim it is not.
Fluorosilicic Acid
Fluorosilicic acid not only contains lead. It also leaches lead from pipes, and there is a lot of lead in Portland plumbing. Even new brass pipes and faucets can contain up to 8% lead. Old buildings can contain pipes which are up to 30% lead. In 2004 Seattle papers  reported lead at up to 1,600 ppb  in drinking water in Seattle schools, a shocking level, far above the 15 ppm EPA action level for lead and the 0 ppm goal.
Weird-Science-ExperimentSeattle spent a lot of money removing lead pipe but continues to add lead-containing fluoridation materials to drinking water. Seattle did follow-up studies, but they were cover-ups: No analysis of the cause and the remedy even mentioned  flurosilisicic acid as even a partial  cause of the leaching.
When fluoridation stops lead levels in water and blood drop. In 1992 Tacoma stopped fluoridating because of a drought. Lead levels dropped by half. Unfortunately, Tacoma returned to its fluoridating ways. It is certain that if Portland fluoridates its water with fluorosilicic acid, lead levels will rise. At the same time as Tacoma stopped fluoridating, Thurmont Maryland did the same. Unlike Tacoma, Thurmont made the wise decision not to turn the fluoride back on.
Lead permeates every cells in the bodyreduces IQ, and causes or worsens kidney disease and high blood pressure.
The fluorosilicic acid which Portland leaders plan to use contains significant amounts of arsenic. Fluorosilicic acid in the tanker truck contains up to 11 ppm arsenic. Click here to see a  typical certification of analysis. When raw fluoridation chemicals are diluted into drinking water, it can contain up to 1.1 ppb arsenic,
arsenic-chartArsenic is a confirmed Type 1, Class A humancarcinogen. For arsenic the MCL, maximum contaminant level or action level, is 10 ppb, and the MCLG goal is zero. A zero MCLG for lead and arsenic means there is no level of lead or arsenic which is safe to add to drinking water.
Fluoridationists only want to talk about the effectiveness of fluoridation, never about whether it is safe. Fluoridation should be both safe and effective. Even if it were effective at reducing tooth decay (which it is not), it must also be safe for all. Because fluorosilicic acid leaches lead and will raise lead levels in water and lead levels in blood, it is unsafe. If fluoridation is not safe, then it does not matter whether it is effective. That should be game over for fluoridation.
If Portland should fluoridated its drinking water, it can expect to have ten percent of homes with up to 63 ppb lead, which equals 266 trillion atoms of lead per liter of water
Fluoridationists rely largely on endorsements. If you want to rely on endorsements and non-endorsements, consider the quality of the endorser or non-endorser. While the EPA administrators support fluoridation, its 1,500 scientists oppose it.
The endorsements of people who ignore science prove nothing. Endorsements are part of the manipulation program carried out by chemical companies and those who receive money through them, including universities and their white-coat graduates. Even educated people can become trapped in an intellectual maze and not know how to extricate themselves. Whenever a chemical develops a large cash flow, chemical companies will try to keep that flow going. Chemical companies support their  profitable vices by spreading money around. 
We hate to admit it but we are subject to manipulation through advertising, which for example, is why we continue to eat such bad food. Most say we are divided into conservatives and liberals. This is not correct. We are divided mostly into naïve liberals and naïve conservatives. Most of us are easily manipulated through advertising. The best example is tetraethyl lead, which was sold by some of the same people who sold fluoridation.
Fluoridationists make the claim that fluoridation will save $38 per person per year. This claim has been disproven.
Back to the fluoride itself. The fluoride (and lead as well) which fluoridation chemicals add to water interrupt enzymatic action. It is an anticholinesterase inhibitor. Fluoride and lead  both damage brain tissue and reduce IQ while the fetus is still in the womb.
Fluoride ion is a mutagen, a poison, and a probable carcinogen. As little as seven grams of it, the weight of seven paper clips, can kill an adult.
Harshaw-Chemical-Fluoride-truckFluorosilicic acid in the tanker truck is around 1.5% hydrogen fluoride, but when diluted and at neutral pH, the HF mostly converts into fluoride ion. When fluoridated water reaches the stomach, where the pH is around 3 and extremely acidic, around half of the fluoride ion converts back into hydrogen fluoride. Being a neutral molecule, HF is able to penetrate fatty stomach lining and cause stomach upset and also enter the blood stream. Once in the blood stream at neutral pH, HF converts back into fluoride ion and transports aluminum across the blood brain barrier into the brain, which may exacerbate Alzheimer’s symptoms.
The fluoride ion forms more permanent covalent bonds only with hydrogen and carbon. Fluoride ion forms only ionic bonds with other elements. Fluoride ion is “fickle”. It can easily detach from one atom and attach to another, depending on pH and concentration. Thus it can attach to such elements as lead and  aluminum (added to drinking water to precipitate dirt so it can be filtered out) and transport them across the blood brain barrier.
declan-waugh-cancer-maps-irelandDeclan Waugh’s comparison of  non-fluoridated Northern Ireland and fluoridated Republic of Ireland to the south shows that fluoridation does not reduce dental decay but instead causes and exacerbates many diseases. The populations are ethnically identical and eat the same foods, but the people of the Irish Republic are sicker in many ways.
If you live in a fluoridated city, you are going to have to pay a lot of attention to how to protect yourself and your children from the toxins in the fluoridation chemicals. You are going to have to buy a distiller or a reverse osmosis filter. You are going to have to cook your food with distilled or filtered water. You are going to have to inquire when you go out to eat whether the restaurant has a reverse osmosis filter.
Wastewater treatment does not remove fluoride, and fluoride levels in sewer effluent are high enough to repel salmon and cause runs to crash, as has happened in the Columbia  Snohomish, and Sacramento Rivers.
Finally, fluoridation is illegal. Oregon law at OAR 333-061-0005 provides:
Products added to public water systems for … fluoridation … shall meet the requirements of National Sanitation Foundation Standard 60 ….
nsf_markNSF Standard 60 requires that some twenty toxicological studies be done, however, NSF representatives have admitted under oath that toxicological studies have never been done. Thus, fluorosilicic acid does not “meet the requirements” of NSF Standard 60 and thus does not meet the requirements of Oregon law. Therefore, it may not legally be used for fluoridation in Oregon. Why would NSF waive its own requirements? NSF is a trade association, and the same chemical and fertilizer companies which have to offload the fluorosilicic acid sit on the NSF board.
Fluoridation will be bad for restaurants. Patrons will be inquiring as to whether each restaurant has installed the latest and best reverse osmosis systems, which are expensive to buy and maintain. Many restaurants already use reverse osmosis water, however, once Portland water is fluoridated, there will be certain chemicals added as part of the fluoridation chemicals which reverse osmosis cannot remove – such as hydrogen fluoride. The molecule is smaller than the pores in the filters.
Fluoridation will be bad for Portland’s wineries and breweries. Again, the fluoride ion is extremely small and hard to remove. Only the right reverse osmosis system will take it out, and systems need constant maintenance. Again, reverse osmosis will not remove hydrogen fluoride. Wineries and brewers will have to truck in spring water or relocate.
Fluoridation will be bad for the horses at Portland Meadows. Race horses drink 30 gallons of water per day, which means they get nine times the amount of fluoride per pound of body weight than do humans. The United States leads the world in race horse breakdowns, with Los Alamedos being the worst. At Los Alamedos the quarter horses are boarded on the grounds year round, drinking water fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid, and hundreds break down each year and must be euthanized.
Elephants and other animals at the Portland Zoo will be affected. Diluted hazardous fluorosilicic acid materials in treated public water is sickening to elephants. They drink 120 liters of water per day, which means they are consuming a lot of fluoride plus a lot of aluminum and lead. Aluminum is added to drinking water as a floculant, to cause dirt to clump so it can be filtered out. Fluoride joins with aluminum to produce a molecule which passes through the blood brain barrier. Likewise fluoride joints with lead and carries it across too.
Elephants in shows at the San Diego Wild Animal Park consumed water that contained diluted fluorosilicic acid and added alum and after several years developed abnormal behavior and were unable to perform. The shows were canceled permanently. The elephants were transferred to the San Diego Zoo. After a few more years of silicofluoridated water consumption, the elephants were unable to walk and were euthanized.
See supporting documents at www.LeadOutOfOurWater.wordpress.com.
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We are attorneys and scientists who study fluoridation law and science. Your endorsement of fluoridation shows you have not done your homework. Even a journalist should be able to understand that there is little good and much harm that fluoridation will do. See www.Fluoride-Class-Action.com/Portland.
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