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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Closer Look At Boston Marathon by Pat Shannan

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Volume XIII • Number 17 April 29, 2013
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A merican Free Press
Boston newspaper warned of “terror drill” in advance
By Pat Shannan
Were the Boston marathon bombings just another FBI charade? As AFP goes to press, no arrests have been made, and details are scant about suspects. The mainstream media has been blaming patriots, and Vice President Joe Biden wondered out loud “if the tea partiers were in town.”
Reflecting on the Sept. 11 attacks and the at- tempted gun grab, history has shown that nothing empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence.
Accounts have been circulating that the bombing was part of a staged operation, and certainly the FBI has a history of staging terrorist plots in order to hype its “war on terrorism.”
Shortly before the bombing, The Boston Globe re- ported via the Internet that, “There will be a con-
trolled explosion opposite the library [one mile away] within one minute as part of bomb squad ac- tivities.” Then, a moment later, the Globe warned: “Police will have a controlled explosion on the 600 block of Boylston Street.” Was it a drill gone wrong?
Officials did nothing to inspire confidence in the scoffers. When asked during a press conference if the bombing could be another false flag, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick said simply, “No,” quickly followed by a dismissive, “Next question.”
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis an- nounced, “We had no specific intelligence that any- thing was going to happen” but twice avoided answering when asked by a newsman why people had been told “to remain calm” prior to the bombs going off.
University of Mobile men’s and women’s cross country head coach Alastair Stevenson is a com- petitor who has run all over the world. He noticed as never before the enormous display of security
Was the recent terror attack in Boston a staged event?
and bomb squad people that morning with even the Massachusetts National Guard present before the start of the race. “They kept making announce- ments on the loudspeaker that [the massive police presence] was just a drill, and there was nothing to worry about,” he said.
Canadian entrant Mike Heiliger recalled when registering for the race that he had been warned that he and others would die if they ran in the up- coming marathon. This came from a woman telling runners who were picking up their pre-race pack- ages in downtown Boston on Saturday. At the time he passed her off as a “nutcase.”
The FBI’s 1993 twin towers “controlled” bomb- ing killed six in New York, and the 9-11 attacks killed thousands. Could the Boston marathon bombing be yet another staged event to further the police state? #
America’s toughest sheriff survives assassination attempt in Arizona.
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