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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The USS Liberty and The Caiaphas Complex

      The USS Liberty and The Caiaphas Complex
                           (Loss of Liberty)

     On June 8th 1967 the unarmed United States Navy ship the USS Liberty was attacked in international waters off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea near the Gaza Strip by allegedly the nation of Israel.  This attack carried out by the United State’s “friend and ally” Israel has been an open sore for those brave sailors who survived the attack and were aboard the USS Liberty that day. 
     It is this author’s opinion that the evil behind those attacks that led to the death of 34 sailors and the wounding of 172 more were directed by what writer Michael Collin Piper has called “The Caiaphas Complex”.  The term Caiaphas is defined by Webster’s Encyclopedia Unabridged Dictionary as a high priest of the Jews who presided over the assembly that condemned Jesus to death. Matt 26.  For the sake of clarity and modernization The Caiaphas Complex term will be replaced by a more familiar term World Zionism (please see earlier Templeton Times or Pauly’s Templeton Watch blog on World Zionism for definition).
     The attack on the USS Liberty appeared to be a planned attack to get the United States of America involved with expanding territory in the Mideast by Israel and World Zionist forces.   Israel appears to be controlled by the same forces that control America, that being World Zionism and The International Bankers.  The following link will bring a tear to your eyes as we watch the cold calculating attack on our servicemen aboard the USS Liberty on June 8 1967.
     According to Ambassador James Akin in the film USS Liberty Cover Up-Full Documentary-The Loss Of Liberty from the link above quoting from author George Ball, the attack on the USS Liberty represented the “awakening of Israel,” that “awakening” meant that Israel could do whatever they wanted to the United States and get away with it. 
     Events of 9/11 come to mind to verify Ambassadors Akins words “awakening of Israel” (please see blogs 9/11 Oil and The Brute Squad part I and II on Templeton Times or Pauly’s Templeton Watch) concerning doing whatever alleged abuses Israel and World Zionism wish to inflict on whoever stands in the way of  the larger agenda of World Zionism.      
     What many people do not understand about world events and who control these events is that the United States may have gone into bankruptcy due to debt owed the International Bankers from WWI and the adoption in 1913 of Article XVI of our Constitution (Federal Reserve Act).  
     In this bloggers opinion and that of Representative James Traficant of Ohio The Emergency Banking Act of March 9 1933 as declared by President Roosevelt on June 5 1933 placed the United States into the hands of the Creditors  (World Zionism).  Representative James Traficant reads the account of the Bankruptcy of the United States into the Congressional Record on March 17 1993 in the link below.
     The debtor (United States) is beholden to the creditor (World Zionism and International Bankers).
    It is the opinion of this blogger that Israel was being directed by a much larger force (World Zionism) when Israel was directed to attack the USS Liberty and possibly start a much larger war in the Mideast for those regions resources.
     For those who would call this blog anti-Semitic it appears to this blogger that the word Semitic has morphed into a meaning that has come to be synonymous with bully, bullies on a world scale.  
     A most startling recognition of what might have happened that day on June 8 1967 is mentioned in the link below, Documentary of USS Liberty: Dead In the Water.   
     It appears from this video that nuclear- armed jets were heading to Cairo to create a mushroom cloud to terrorize everyone in the Mideast and possibly start WWIII with the spoils of war possibly going to Israel and of course World Zionism.
     Operation Cyanide mentioned in the above film appeared to be the name of a joint US and Israeli operation that placed the United States in the planning phases and possibly operational phases of Israeli’s Six Day War held in June of 1967.
     If the United States was covertly helping Israel take over the Middle East via the Six Day War it would have been an easy matter for Israel and World Zionist factions to blackmail US politicians in regards to matters concerning the USS Liberty.  
     It would appear that those valiant men aboard the USS Liberty on June 8 1967 by their actions may have prevented an all out war in the Mideast that may have led to the loss of life of so many more than those 34 US Servicemen who died that day (there would have been thousands lost in the nuclear strike in Cairo alone that day on June 8 1967).   
     Learning who was really behind the attack on June 8 1967 to The USS Liberty and the death of 34 Navy men and the injury of 172 more is the duty of all true Americans.  
     Those who may have been behind events on that day of betrayal in June of 1967 are most likely very much with us today.
     The debtor is beholden to the creditor.          


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  1. Thanks for the information regarding the nuclear tipped bombs that were headed for Cairo, this is news to me.