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Monday, October 8, 2012

Propaganda Fluoride

                     Propaganda Fluoride   

     Propaganda was the word that stuck in my mind while trying to write up an article concerning why the Templeton Board of Health (BOH) has decided not to endorse a warning to be placed on water bills concerning the health hazards (fluorosis) involving fluoridated water and infant baby formula.  Fluoride has been associated with fluorosis in all four of its forms (very mild, mild, moderate and severe).  Forty one percent of adolescents in the United States have dental fluorosis in one form or another. The Great Fluoride Gamble is the gamble that fluoride can negatively affect your teeth without causing harm to any other part of your body.  Fluoride has recently been sited by the Harvard School of Public Health as being associated with a lowering of IQ.
     Propaganda is one of those words meant to end discussion on a topic due to its negative connotation. Propaganda was the word chosen by Chairman Trifilo of the BOH to explain the book The Case Against Fluoride by Connett, Beck and Micklem.  After the meeting had ended I questioned Chairman Trifilo again as to why he felt The Case Against Fluoride was propaganda and he explained that it read like books he was given by a possibly deranged cousin about UFO’s.  In my opinion in a nice way, Chairman Trifilo was calling me a fluoride whacko.  By extension of me being a whacko this meant that the author of the book The Case Against Fluoride must also be deranged.  Here is the author of the book Dr. Connett in a debate concerning fluoride held on September 5 2012 in Phoenix against profluoride dentist Dr Howard Farran.  You be the judge if Dr. Connett is mentally unstable.  
This debate is a must watch for anyone who wishes to be truly informed about the problems associated with fluoride.  Both debaters do an excellent job stating their case concerning the pros and cons of fluoridation.
     Propaganda from the book The Case Against Fluoride was not the only reason Chairman Trifilo was unable to endorse the warning concerning mixing fluoridated water with infant formula.  The next reason given by Chairman Trifilo was fluorides prophilactive effect on diseases like Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.  Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is a very serious problem involving sugars being converted to acid by bacteria in the mouth leading to systemic problems in the circulatory system and elsewhere.  Here is a short lesson on Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.
The above link supports the idea that sugars are the culprit and that education and seeing your dentist very early in your child’s life is very important to prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.  Fluoride may also help with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay as fluoride is an enzymatic poison and would be expected to effect the bacteria in the babies mouth however most dental professionals agree that fluorides effect is topical not systemic so that drinking fluoridated water would be ineffective.  Here is Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carllson on the use of fluoride.
     As the reader can see Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is a very big problem as is tooth decay in general whether the water is fluoridated or not.  This link shows how Boston Massachusetts home of Dr. Allukian (the “esteemed” speaker at last years Annual Town Meeting concerning the fluoride debate) even though fluoridated since 1978 has major problems with dental decay as do other fluoridated communities and States even though fluoride has been added to the water supply.
     In closing fluoride an enzymatic poison is believed to work topically and may help with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.  Drinking this enzymatic poison seems to be ineffective as seen by the links above. Advocating for a warning to be placed on water bills warning young families to be careful of mixing this enzymatic poison with infant baby formula may come across as propaganda to rid the town of it fluoridated water supply.  If this is propaganda this author stands guilty of the charge of warning these young families they may be doing lasting harm to the brains, bones, teeth and endocrine systems (to name a few) of their new arrivals.
     As stated in The Case Against Fluoride, “Using the authority of government office or the prestige of one’s profession to confidently assure the public that fluoridation is safe and effective, when such assurance is not based on one’s own review of the literature, is the worst betrayal of all: it is the betrayal of the public’s trust. Let us all hope that Chairman Trifilo and the other members of the BOH will take the time to learn the whole truth concerning the potential health problems associated with water fluoridation.
     Please take the time to learn about the affects of fluoride.  Fluoride is not called “The Devil’s Poison” because it is good for you.     

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