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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Calories Bad Calories

              Good Calories  Bad Calories

     Templeton residents who wonder why their appetite increases in the late fall and early winter might be surprised to learn that researchers have found an increase in insulin levels at this time of year and a decrease in insulin levels in late spring and summer according to the book Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taube.  Another aside on insulin and what has been clear for nearly forty years is that the levels of circulating insulin in animals and humans will be proportional to body fat.  Put another way, the leaner an individual the lower his basal insulin and vice versa.  This may be important because it appears basal insulin levels control our appetites and also contribute to what is called Metabolic Syndrome. 
     Metabolic Syndrome had been called Syndrome X or Reaves Syndrome X prior to the name change. One of the problems with Metabolic Syndrome is that it may result in type II or insulin resistant diabetes.  Here is Doctor Mercola on the subject of diabetes.
     Insulin levels seem to be a key concern with Metabolic Syndrome and increased basal insulin levels don’t appear to be healthy at all.  We learned earlier that the time of year may effect insulin levels as well as the proportion of body fat people have.  One of the most important things that seem to drive basal insulin levels is the amount of sugar and easily digestible carbohydrates we are eating.  Exercise is key to getting insulin levels under control as well. Dr. Mercola explains below.
     Metabolic syndrome has also been associated with a host of other problems and this may be a good reason to get our diet under control and try to avoid easily digestible carbohydrates.  Gary Taube the author of Good Calories Bad Calories gives an excellent lecture on the subject of refined carbohydrates in our diets. Mr. Taube does not feel as strongly about exercise as did Dr. Mercola.   
     One thing is for sure there will be more guilt with that jelly donut should we decide to partake.    

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